​Warning signs

All ​warning signs
Mostly triangular signs

Signs giving orders

The Highway Code leaflet lists, all the signs that you must obey on roads in the UK

​Direction signs

All the signs used on British
motorways, A roads and local roads.

Information signs

All the information signs on UK
restrictions, special and merging road

​Light signals

Guidance on traffic light, motorway and lane control signals from The Highway .

​Road markings

Illustrated guidance on road
markings from The Highway Code.

​Road works signs

​Highway Code leaflet with
guidance on road works signs.

​Signals by authorised

You must obey signals given by police officers, traffic officers and traffic wardens

​Signals to other road

About all the signals you can make
to warn and inform other road users

​Vehicle markings

​Vehicle markings help with visibility
and give information about dangerous


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